The Dark Knight Rises Star Tom Hardy Talks About The First Trailer, Possible New Batcave

Tom Hardy (Bane) visited SDCC to promote his movie, Warrior, and talked a little about The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer to MTV.

Also, several outlets are reporting this tweet from Kevin O’Leary:
Just saw the batcave being built in stage 30 on the MGM lot but they would not let me take a pic for you Its fantastic I’m a huge Batman fan.

It seems the new Batcave set is being built on the MGM Studios lot. I would however take this with a grain of salt until something is officially announced, we’ve been misled before when it comes to The Dark Knight Rises news. Though a new Batcave seems like a no – brainer since it’s been confirmed that a rebuilt Wayne Manor is featured in the film.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters everywhere 07/20/12

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