Pandora, A Possible New Crisis, The Return Of Wally West Hinted, And Other DC Comics Tidbits

A little DC Comics information coming out of Megacon. At the DC All Access panel it was announced that DC’s Free Comic Book Day issue will be drawn by Jim Lee and written by Geoff Johns. The story will focus on Pandora, the mysterious hooded figure, seen in Flashpoint # 5 and all the New 52 first issues. It seems that the plot center’s on Pandora’s P.O.V. as she witnesses three universes combining, it will show what her motivations are, and which characters she’s keeping a close eye in the New 52. The backup stories in the free issue will feature art by Red Hood & the Outlaws’ Kenneth Rocafort with another backup drawn by Flashpoint Superman’s Gene Ha.

During a Q and A, one fan asked the panel if Darkseid will pose a threat on the same cosmic level in the DCnU as he did in the old one, everyone was expecting a vague answer from the panel but Dan Didio surprisingly replied, “Yes.” Recently, Justice League featured the team’s first battle with the villain, when Darkseid returns to the DCnU he’ll find more heroes uniting to fight against him possibly giving way to a new crisis event.

Another fan asked the panel about O.M.A.C.’s references to Kord Industries and the New Gods, the panel advised that these were intentional and that more references to those characters will show up in other titles in the future. This led to yet another fan asking about Wally West. Didio explained that since they’ve made Barry Allen younger in the relaunch, they couldn’t have Wally be the same age as Barry, they didn’t want to take Wally’s family away from him, and they didn’t to make Wally a teenager again especially since Bart Allen is the New 52’s Kid Flash. Didio also went on to say that someone very close to him is a big Donna Troy fan and that Donna also got the same treatment as Wally when Wonder Woman was also made younger in the New 52. The panel concluded by asking fans to be a little more patient and saying that both Donna and Wally will be seen once more.

Perhaps we will see these on Earth II.

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