Round 2 And Captain Action Enterprises Announce New Thor Costume Set

Round 2 and Captain Action Enterprises are excited to announce a new Marvel costume set for classic Super Hero Thor. The Thor costume set is the first new Marvel Super Hero costume to be added to the Captain Action line in more than 40 years!

Captain Action, the popular Super Hero toy from the 1960s, returned to toy shelves this year along with new costume sets featuring Spider-Man and Captain America from Marvel Comics. Along with the Thor costume and accessory set, an all-new Loki costume set for Captain Action’s nemesis, Dr. Evil, is scheduled for simultaneous release. Captain Action’s actionpacked return made him the #1 selling collectible toy nationwide at Toys R Us for the week of April 15!

The character of Thor is based on the Norse mythological god of thunder, and first appeared in Marvel’s “Journey into Mystery” series before graduating to his own ongoing series. Thor was also a founding member of Marvel’s super-team The Avengers. Onscreen, Thor stars in his own movie series and is also featured in the upcoming “Marvel’s The Avengers” movie, opening in the U.S. on May 4.

All Captain Action figures and costume sets come in two versions, basic and deluxe. The Toys R Us exclusive Thor costume set will include an authentically styled, detailed cloth costume with Thor mask, boots, wristlets, helmet, belt, newspaper and Thor’s mystical war hammer Mjolnir.

The deluxe set adds bonus accessories: a bearded mask, a vintage styled belt, Donald Blake’s walking stick and a lightning attachment for Thor’s Mjolnir hammer. The deluxe set also includes bonus Hawkeye leggings and belt, and fans can collect all six Marvel Comics costume sets for Captain Action to create a complete Hawkeye Avenger Build-A-Costume set! The deluxe
costume set will also feature a Thor image as rendered by comics legend Walt Simonson, and originally featured on Overstreet’s Comic Guide.

Wave 2 of the Captain Action line, including Dr. Evil and both the Thor and Loki costume sets, will be available in August at Toys R Us, hobby shops and comic shops nationwide.

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