New Images: Sandra Bullock As Iron Maiden, Rachel Weisz As Lady Hulk, And Amber Heard As Thora

Check out these awesome photo manips of a few famous actresses as female versions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by Josh at Fan Art Exhibit. Josh’s quotes are included below each image as well.


“First up Iron Maiden, the casting choice is Sandra Bullock as she’s the closest I could think of to a female Robert Downey Jr in terms of age and personality.”


“Yes, yes, I know She-Hulk exists, no need to point that out to me, this isn’t meant to be her, it’s meant to be a female Bruce Banner (Bryce Banner? I dunno)..I’ve taken one of the most beautiful women on the planet and hulk-ified her up, that’s right it’s Rachel Weisz, I was struggling for a 40-something actresses to use before someone suggested her to me.”


“Hehehe. Who else but Amber Heard for Thora?”


“Next up Miss America, portrayed by the lovely Alison Brie. I went without the helmet for two reasons, 1 – I couldn’t find an suitable image to fit the direction of the head, and 2 – I just love Alison. <3" BONUS:
Josh almost decided to give Marvel’s Distinguished Competition the Rule 63 treatment to their most recognizable icons.


“I got a request from a young lady called Alexis to do a profile image of her as a superhero for her new job at IGN (you can follow Alexis on Twitter here). Anyway long story short this was a last minute job that I somehow managed to get done in a single day with few Man of Steel costume images to work with, so I’m not entirely happy with the results, but she loved it so that’s all that matters.”

Finally here’s Dark Dame, The Jokeress, and Haley Two – Face.


“Couldn’t really think of a female equivalent to Christian Bale so I just used my previous Batwoman model Anne Hathaway.”


“Featuring Ledger’s co-star in Candy and fellow Aussie Abbie Cornish.”


“Featuring Eckhart’s co-star in The Core as well as past Chris Nolan cast member, Hilary Swank.”

Feel free to click on the link above to see more Josh’s work.

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