Review: Alien ReAction Figures

The fine folks over at Funko and Super7 have sent along wave # 1 of their ReAction Figures, now available at most specialty stores and online collectible retailers, depicting characters from the sci-fi move classic, Alien.

First, a little background about these toys. Initially these 3.75″ figures were to be produced by Kenner back in 1978 -1979. The manufacturer had already released a nifty 12″ Xenomorph (Alien creature) figure which I was fortunate enough to find at the tender age of seven years old.

Sure, I wasn’t old enough to see the movie, but damn if that creƤture wasn’t terrific enough to make me say,”Aw, cool”, and my mom to put it in the Zayre (1970’s -1980’s version of Target) shopping cart and say, “Happy Birthday” score 1 for young Xaminer and yet another reason my parents are responsible for making me the giant nerd I am today.

Sadly, the 12″ Xenomorph didn’t sell well due to the movie not being “kid friendly” enough to support a toy line and production on the item ended after a short/limited release. Plans for the Alien 3.75″ figures were squashed by Kenner and over the years they were almost considered legend among toy collectors until the actual prototypes surfaced in the early 1990’s.

Now, some 35 years later, Super7 has taken the nostalgia bull by the horns and released faithful versions of the figures that would have adorned the pegs at retailers right along other cherished toys from that time period.

The packaging itself is an homage to the way figures were marketed back in the day. Bubbles hold the figures on blister cards which feature a photo from the film it celebrates.
Back view of the card announces what else is included for the line.

All the major players from Alien are here, The Alien, Ripley, Ash, Kane, and Dallas.






With keeping the nostalgic theme, the face sculpts for these figures bear a simple, passing resemblance to the actors themselves. As was the case for all 3.75″ figures during much of the late 1970’s and throughout the 1980’s. However, the body sculpts do contain a little more detail than your average vintage toy from that era.
The figures each have 5 points of articulation; head, left shoulder, right shoulder, left leg, and right leg.

Some may argue that in this day and age of hyper-detailed/hyper-articulated figures, why go back? My answer to that, as a toy enthusiast and collector – one never forgets what got them to this point in the first place. The Alien ReAction Figures are exactly the right kind of memory jolt.

Bottom line: Definitely recommended for toy collectors and Alien fans.

Disclaimer: The photo of the 12″ Alien figure is not owned by comics-x-aminer.

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