George A. Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Comic To Be Adapted For TV!

Word has it that the Demarest production company has struck a deal with George Romero to develop a TV series based his Empire Of The Dead limited series comic book published by Marvel.


The story is set in a post-apocalyptic New York overrun by zombies with the city itself governed by vampires. That’s right folks, it’s basically zombies vs. vampires with humans looking for ways to either tame or coexist with both. Also, there is a nice direct connection in the comics’ first act to Romero’s classic film, Night Of The Dead and overall this comic has been a delight and is better than say the last 3 Romero helmed Living Dead films. I can’t recommend Empire Of The Dead enough.

Romero will be co-writing the project with longtime partner Peter Grunwald and both will serve as executive producers.

No word on cast or which network would be interested in airing the TV series. I’ll keep you posted.

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