THE FLASH SEASON 2: Details about the Reverse-Flash’s Return!

The Man In The Yellow Suit returns in the 11th episode of The Flash Season 2.

When news broke that Reverse-Flash was coming back, most fans guessed that it would be some alternate/Earth-2 version of the character. However Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has shed some surprising light on the subject, “Time on our show does not unfold linearly. Sometimes you’ve seen events from one direction and then you start to see them from the other. This Reverse-Flash is not exactly the Reverse-Flash that we saw disintegrate at the end of the year. It’s a Reverse-Flash from an earlier timeline. It’s not the Earth-Two Reverse-Flash, it’s the Reverse-Flash. That is, hands down, one of our best episodes.”

How it all unfolds? We’ll have to wait when the episode airs on CW 01/26/16

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