Movie Rants: Venom Movie?!

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, comic book fans across the internet wet themselves over the “announcement” of a live-action Venom solo film. Two things to keep in mind before you let your hype reach a fever pitch:
A.) The news didn’t come from directly from a studio, Sony and/or Marvel, it came from a box office data company named Exhibitor Relations Co.
B.) No director or star have been hired.

Of course, a Venom movie has been thought/talked about over the years but I have zero faith that even if one gets made it will be any good – like the live-action Flash movie Warner Bros. keep threatening us with. Anyway, enjoy the video.

By Roman Marley

A solo Venom film is officially in the works by Sony, but will it be connected to the MCU Spider-Man in Homecoming?? Roman talks about the details of the movie, including the confirmed release date, the writer, and the potential for it being connected to any other Spider-Man properties.

Via RNS Entertainment

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