Review Of Amazing Stories Season 1, Episode 18 – Dorothy And Ben

By Cory Robinson

After being in a coma for 40 years, Ben Dumfy miraculously wakes up defying all odds but now lives in a world that is completely foreign to him while all of his relatives are now dead leaving him a loner in a place he no longer wants to be. While wandering through the hospital after being told he cannot leave due to observations by doctors and having nowhere to go, he starts hearing the voice of a little girl. After wandering throughout the children’s hospital wing he enters the room of a young girl named Dorothy who was recently in an accident and is now in a coma. While her parents are grieving and even are thinking about pulling the plug on her, Ben starts communicating with Dorothy as if she is alive and while the parents at first think he is crazy they later find out that he has a psychic link with her since he has been in a coma for so long that he share a link with the “coma world” thus allowing himself to talk to her while relaying messages to her parents.

Everything starts going okay at first with Dorothy being scared about being in a place she has a hard time escaping from but Ben tries to make things easier for her while relaying messages to her parents including one from Dorothy apologizing for not looking where she was going that caused her into getting in an accident that caused her into going into a coma. Ben takes it upon himself to try to get Dorothy out of her coma while doctors want to study him to find a link between him and the coma world but before any agreement can happen, Dorothy tells Ben that two people want to take her away to a better place. Ben tells Dorothy that those people gave him the same deal and that they want to take her away to the afterlife and that she won’t have the luxury of growing up and experiencing a whole adult life but Dorothy is worried about staying because Ben was stuck in a coma for 40 years and doesn’t want the same outcome that he had. Ben tries pleading with her not to take the offer of the afterlife but it looks like Dorothy doesn’t want to wait out for how long the coma might take and decides to join them. Ben in a last-ditch effort to save Dorothy begs the two people from the afterlife to take him instead and then collapses on the floor dead while Dorothy awakes from her coma wondering what has happened to Ben.

This is probably one of the saddest episodes of Amazing Stories both to the subject matter and to the performance of Joe Seneca who played Ben Dumfy in this episode who got the main role in the movie Crossroads (not the Britney Spears one) due to this performance. Seneca’s performance is truly a remarkable one due to him having to react to no one while trying to show the emotion of a character (Dorothy) who is not really there to also trying to portray a character who is lost in an era where he doesn’t belong while knowing that everyone he knows is gone and that there is nothing for him here. The direction by Thomas Carter (who returns from a previous episode) is very good here but the only complaint that I have is that the script feels rushed as if the episode needed a whole hour to get the whole concept across with the “coma world” and what Ben was going through. Due to the episode being a half hour, it did feel that some parts had cut corners and that some of the explanations made no sense so for that fact I would have to shave off points on what would be an almost perfect episode.

X-Aminer rating: 8/10

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Next time I will take a look at the next episode directed by Martin Scorsese entitled “Mirror, Mirror”

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