GOTHAM Has Its Professor Pyg!

Michael Cerveris (The Tick) has been tapped to play Professor Pyg on the fourth season of Gotham.

In comic book lore, Pyg aka Lazlo Valentin was the porcine mask-wearing, schizophrenic Circus of Strange leader whose calling cards included a small army of “Dollotrons” — victims to whom he affixed doll-like masks. If Gotham hews closely at all to the infamously deranged villain, things could get… frightful.

As Cannon told us, Season 4’s take on Scarecrow alone could break new ground for the broadcast drama: “When the studio asks you to tone back because it’s too scary, you know you’ve done something right!”
Fox’s Gotham returns Sept. 21, now airing Thursdays at 8/7c

Via TV Line

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