Cool Cosplay: NYCC ’17 – Spawn, Black Cat, And More!

Spawn, Medieval Spawn, The Clown, And She-Spawn by The Smoke, Unknown, Mike Hemmig, and Unknown

Nick Fury And Moon Knight by Unknown

Darkwing Duck by Unknown

Swamp Thing by Unknown

John Stewart And Hal Jordan Green Lanterns by Unknown and Badger BLU Cosplay

Bumblebee by Unknown

Aquaman, Aqualad, And Mera by Unknown

Mystique by Unknown

Zatanna And Raven by Unknown

Black Cat by Irina Meier

X-23/Green Lantern Mashup by Jessakidding Cosplay

Ryu From Street Fighter by Az Powergirl Cara Nicole

Hayley Smith From American Dad by Merisiel Irüm

Feel free to click on the models’ names to view more of their work.

Editor’s Note: If you know the cosplayer or are the cosplayer in any of the NYCC photos, feel free to leave a comment below with link to your social media fan page.

A special thank you to Eric Moran, Mike Hemmig, and Jeff Badger for NYCC photos.

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