Cool Cosplay: NYCC Part 3 – Batman, Rogue, And More!

Crime Syndicate Of America by Michael Byrnes, Paul Sanders, Moises Vermenton, The Smoke, and Mike Hemmig

Batman by Matches Malone, Photography by Christopher Robin Wetherell

Prince by Unknown

Nightwing by Unknown

Blue Beetle by Unknown

The Dazzler And Wolverine by Unknown

Lady Deadpools by Unknown

Hawkeye And Kate Bishop by Badger BLU Cosplay and Unknown

Tank Girl by Sirensbelle

Rogue by Amanda Lynne

Rule 63 Superman by Maria Von T, Photography by GCF

Widowmaker by Alyson Tabbitha, Photography by David Love

Feel free to click on the models’ names to view more of their of their work.

Once again a very special thank you to Jeff Badger for supplying most of the cosplay photos from NYCC this year. You can check out his stuff here.

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