Cool Cosplay: NYCC Part 4 – Cyclops, Vampirella, And More!

Shazam by Unknown

Cyclops And Jean Grey by Unknown

Lady Blackhawk by Unknown

Arachne by Unknown

A huge thank you to Jen Greeley (seen here second from the left) from G33kHQ. She is cool (and a cosplayer) enough to let me share these photos from NYCC. Great job Jen and the rest of these ladies on this Ghostbusters group shot.

Steampunk Cable by James Wulfgar, Photography by Amie Hana

Wonder Woman And Batman by Kuno Yuro and Matches Malone, Photography by Stolen Soul

Poison Ivy by Shirley Sue Risen, Makeup by Sarah Urbani, Photography by Reality Reimagined

Psyclocke by Madison Alexandra

Vampirella by Tniwe Cosplay

Feel free to click on the models’ names to view more of their work.

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