Support A PENNYWISE Fan Film!

Check out this horror promo for a Pennywise Fan film to be made by KTA Talent Group in the Atlanta film community & starring Nicholas Jasmine Roylance & RIDICULOUS FILMS along with Gaven Wilde as “Timmy”.


KTA Productions has teamed up with the team at Digital Thunderdome to make a fan film for Stephen King’s classic book “IT”. We are centering on infamous Pennywise character origin story and slated to film in Atlanta, Ga in December.

Fundraising Goal

Below you’ll find why we are seeking your help to make this project come to fruition. Your contribution will be used for.

  • Production: This covers all of our crew and equipment, sound, lighting and anything you can name gear wise we will utilize all aspects of what we currently on and what we can get our hands on to make the best product possible.
  • Perks: This part will go towards paying the people who donated and making the essential posters, blu rays and fun things we are offering.
  • Volunteers: This project is for the fans and by the fans made up of friends, family and people who share a passion for stories and most importantly who are fans of the book.
  • Makeup/FX: We have one of the best make up teams in the business to bring the look of Pennywise full circle. Sign up for the Behind the scenes to see his character made up in the makeup chair if you dare.
  • SQUAD: If you are interested in joining the team, please feel free to contact us at


Nicholas Royalance (Pennywise)

-Writer & Actor

You can support the indiegogo here

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