JUSTICE LEAGUE Takes In $481M From Worldwide Box Office And Other Tidbits

The final box office tally from this Thanksgiving weekend are in. Justice League made $40.7M domestically and $72M overseas making the grand total so far for DC’s Superheroes $481M and the movie is expected close in at $500M sometime this week. Yes, the movie did have a 57% drop in ticket sales but that’s still better than the second week returns of Man Of Steel, BvS, and Suicide Squad (Wonder Woman only dipped 43% in its second week). As stated in a previous article, this is hardly the bomb most will have us believe, however, Justice League didn’t exactly crush it at theaters like should it have.

Now for those other tidbits:
As far as I know, there’s no such thing as a finished Zack Snyder cut. True, many of the scenes that are in the theatrical cut were shot differently (than Whedon’s) under Snyder’s helm and there are several others that were cut out entirely. And those cut scenes, from what I’ve heard, really wouldn’t impact the film in the same way the ultimate edition did for BvS. I have no idea if any extra footage will make it on to the blu-ray but it would make sense.

No director has been fired from any DCEU film currently going into production or in development, specifically Joss Whedon from Batgirl and David F. Sandberg from Shazam. Both are still onboard with these projects. People who have some weird thirst for internet fame, quickly get shot down:

Any cameo, other than what we’ve seen in the film, that was supposedly made by other characters from the DCU (DeSaad, Kilowog, Snapper Carr, G’Nort) in a Justice League end credits scene are clickbait rumors.

There are two photos of Henry Cavill in a test costume for Man Of Steel, that look like a cross between what was used in the finished film and the costume Superman wore in the comic book Kingdom Come, have popped up on the web. I’m not going to post them here but if you look hard enough online and through social media you’ll find them.

Justice League is now playing at theaters everywhere.

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