Warner Bros. Hits $5 Billion Mark For The Second Time, Justice League First DC Film To Hit $100M In China

Warner Bros. has had a banner year thanks to Wonder Woman ($821.8M), It ($694.2M), Kong: Skull Island ($566.7M), Dunkirk ($525.0M), and Justice League ($570M) as the studio reached the $5 Billion mark for the second time in its history.
“We are thrilled to reach this extraordinary benchmark as we come to the end of an amazing, record-setting year,” said Sue Kroll, WB’s president of worldwide marketing and distribution. “Surpassing $5 billion in a single year can only happen with an incredible level of hard work across all theatrical divisions, as well as the invaluable contributions of the many talented filmmakers and actors with whom we are so fortunate to collaborate. Congratulations to everyone who shares in this success.”

Another bit of terrific news for WB is that Justice League has grossed $100M at the box office in China, making it the only DCEU film to do so thus far. The movie is on track to make about the same as Man Of Steel ($668M) by the end of its theatrical run.

Justice League is now playing at theaters everywhere

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