Kristen Wiig Goes Up Against Wonder Woman As Cheetah In The Sequel!

I’m sure there are a lot of fanboys right now saying, “Oh Hollywood, you and your stunt casting against type rather than finding someone who resembles the comic book character that is being portrayed in live-action as well as act the part. So far, stunt casting only paid off twice within the last 30 years of superhero movies. So can it just end?” Anyway, I am a fan of Kristen Wiig. Bridesmaids remains one of my favorite comedies and her work on SNL was unparalleled. Wiig is gonna kill it as Cheetah. Here’s Wonder Woman 2 director Patty Jenkins’ Tweet from earlier today:

It will be interesting which of the villain’s iconic looks the movie goes with if at all – Superfriends or modern day feral:

Wonder Woman 2 is expected to begin production this May and the film does not have an exact release date at this time. I’ll keep you posted.

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