More Licenses Announced For New MEGO Toys

Yesterday it was officially announced that MEGO action figures and collectibles, in scales from 8 inches – 14 inches, will be making their comeback exclusively at Target stores with prices ranging from $14.99 and $29.99 in just two weeks.

Today, SYFY Wire has learned that this new line includes characters from franchises such as DC Comics, Star Trek, Firefly, Charmed, and The Wizard of Oz. This is in addition to the licenses that were revealed in the initial press release which you can read here.

Mego’s line of figures based on “The World’s Greatest Super Heroes” from Marvel and DC, as well as Planet of the Apes, Tarzan, and even real celebrities like Joe Namath and Sonny and Cher, were common sights on store shelves in the 1970s, and now command premium prices in the collectors’ market.

Not long after licensing a successful line of Micronauts toys based on Takara’s sci-fi line of Microman Japanese action figures, Mego reportedly made the fateful decision to pass up a licensing deal with an upstart new movie franchise by the name of Star Wars. As Kenner entered the 1980s flush with cash thanks to its groundbreaking Star Wars merchandising agreement, Mego languished, and the company declared bankruptcy in 1982. Nearly four decades later, MEGO is set to make a return.

More details and product will be revealed at SDCC during a panel on 07/20/18
The first of the new MEGO toys will hit Target shelves 07/29/18

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