SUPERGIRL Has Its Mercy Graves

Deadline reports that actress Rhona Mitra (The Strain) will be playing Mercy Graves in the next season of Supergirl. Mercy Graves is an ex-CADMUS agent who has always believed in human exceptionalism. But with both Lex and Lillian in prison, Mercy is stepping out of the Luthor shadow and running her own show. With her biting wit and lethal brawn, Mercy steadily becomes a key figure in National City’s growing “human-first” movement. The character first appeared in Superman: The Animated Series but eventually crossed over into the comics.

But Mercy isn’t the only Luthor lackey to be included on Supergirl.

Robert Baker (Santa Clarita Diet) has been hired to play Mercy’s brother, Otis Graves. Otis Graves is Mercy’s defacto right hand man. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for with his savant-like abilities to assassinate aliens. This character is very loosely based on Otis who was played by Ned Beatty in the classic Superman films starring Christopher Reeve. Unlike Mercy, Otis never crossed over to comic books – that needs to happen – I’m looking at you, Brian Michael Bendis.

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