Friday Night Magic


Start Time 6:30
Entrance Fee $8.00
Prizes and rounds based off attendance
FNM foils will be awarded to first and second place players with two random participants.
Additional FNM foils will be added for larger events

draftStart times: Anytime between 8:30 P.M.
Entrance fee: $16.00
Each draft pod will launch when 8 players have signed up to draft.
Each pod will play three rounds of single elimination.
Win round one and receive one prize booster pack.
Win round two receive two additional prize booster packs and one FNM foil.
Win round three and receive another two more prize booster packs.

commanderPlay time: 6:00-11:00
Entrance fee: $5.00
Prizes will be handed out randomly every hour including one FNM foil promo
Players participating in another FNM event will not be eligible for random prizes until they are out of that event.



How many FNM foils will be presented every week?

We will receive 15 foil promos for each week and the goal is to distribute all of those promos every week. Any FNM foils that aren’t handed out will be added to the door prize pool to be handed out at a future event

What is the deal with Commander FNM?

With the change to FNM we are now able to support Commander games. Because we are handing out FNM foil promos to Commander players we decided to charge a cover fee for playing. All the fees will be returned as prizes in addition to the promos and door prizes. All prizes for Commander will be handed out randomly because Commander is a casual format. This allows players to play whatever deck they choose whether it is a finely tuned Commander deck or a fun theme deck without worrying about having to win to earn prizes.

Will Tenth Planet’s FNM formats ever change?

We are always looking to improve our events so it is possible that we could make adjustments to formats, prizes or anything else related to the events to help improve your experience with us.

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