Subscription Service

Absolutely need that comic? Our subscription program is 100% FREE whether you collect several series or just one title, we have got you covered. Our subscription programs helps you reserve the latest titles that you want as soon as they arrive in our store. Along with that, you even get a discount on graphic novels, supplies, and more. Feel free to check out our gallery then stop by the store to sign up today!

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2 Responses to Subscription Service

  1. Eric says:

    Have been into comics for sometime, went to this store for the first time on Saturday and the guys that work there were great. When I asked for a silver age comic for them to get down so I could see it they were right on it and very talkative, polite. This place has just became my number one comic shop.

  2. Domi says:

    My boyfriend and I shop here regularly. We drive 25 minutes just to go here. The staff is polite, helpful, and resourceful. The store is very well organized as well.

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