Ultimate Spider – Man Animated Series Concept Art

The folks over at CBR scooped on an update about the upcoming Ultimate Spider – Man animated series. Here’s a quote from Joe Quesada:

“One thing I’ve been really excited and talking about consistently is our upcoming “Ultimate Spider-Man” animated show that’s coming to Disney XD in 2012. What makes this Spider-Man cartoon really special and unique is that, while there have been many great Spidey shows in the past, it’s the first Spidey cartoon made by Marvel. Marvel writers and artists worked directly on this show so it’s going to have more Marvel DNA than any show that has come previously. Jeph Loeb has assembled a pretty amazing creative brain trust and writers room consisting of Paul Dini, Man of Action (Joe Kelly, Steve Seagle, Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau), Spider-Man Editor Steve Wacker, me and even our very own Brian Bendis. On the art side, Jeph enlisted the help of guys like Ed McGuinness, Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos and Paolo Rivera. Heck, even I did some character sketches for the show. The idea being that even though animation style is much simpler than the stuff we generally do in comics, let’s get Marvel artists to do some character design work in their respective styles as inspiration and tonal flavor for the animators. I think you’re going to see much more of this approach as we move forward.”
Now check out the gallery below.

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