Review: Justice League # 1

I’m going to try and make this as spoiler free as possible.
Justice League # 1 is easily the most talked about, if not the most anticipated new release this week since it brings in the first full look at relaunched DCU as a result of the events from Flashpoint # 5 also out this week.
Set in the past of this newly formed universe, the issue opens with Batman in hot pursuit of an unknown monstrous villain across the rooftops of Gotham City – right behind the caped crusader is the G.C.P.D. looking to take down the then considered outlaw vigilante known as Batman. The dialogue and scenario seemed like an “atypical” Batman situation taking place early in his career.
In the middle of it all, Green Lantern makes himself known to all parties in a very big way. When the dust settles, the back and forth exchange between these two heroes put me off a little at first due to the almost too boastful banter from Hal Jordan but I told myself these characters are supposed to be new, brash, and young therefore Geoff Johns’ writing was very successful in conveying that. Jim Lee’s art is nothing short of his usual spectacular eye for detail and if anything the book is worth picking up just for that reason.
As the story unfolds Green Lantern explains that he is investigating an alien presence nearby and once that alien reveals himself we get a glimpse of yet another relaunched version of a classic DC character and the basis for the next issue.

The bottom line, I recommend this book. Aside from the action, the dialogue, and the art – there’s a definite new angle as to how the Justice League was formed in this universe that has never been addressed or explored before with previous reboots of this title and it seems that DC, for the most part, made good on their promise to have fresh takes on classic characters and not just with high collared, segmented armored costumes with this issue.

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