Borg and Captain Picard Retro Action Figures From Diamond posted these images of the upcoming Star Trek Mego-Style Retro Figures from Diamond Select Toys featuring The Borg and Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Diamond Toys, inspired by the Mego Star Trek figures of the 1970s, is giving Captain Picard and the Borg the retro treatment — and we’ve got an exclusive First Look. The company will kick off its Star Trek Retro line in Winter 2012, putting a Mego-esque spin on Star Trek: The Next Generation characters for the series’ 25th anniversary, starting with Picard and a Borg, and followed, hopefully, by many more.

The figures will stand eight inches tall, feature real cloth costumes and sell for approximately $20 each. Look for the figures at comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers. They’ll also be available through the Diamond Comics Distributors’ Previews Catalog.

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