Mattel DCUC Elongated Man Action Figure Is Still A Possibility

Recently there was a report on another site, similar to this one, advising that The Elongated Man wasn’t being considered for inclusion in Mattel’s fan subsription based action figure line, DC Universe Classics: Club Inifinite Earths despite the character being very popular among DC Comics fans and even being very prominent in the DC event mini – series Identity Crisis. This had caused quite a fervor among toy collectors for the last couple of days. So much so Matty posted this clarification on their facebook page:
Mattel can’t do Elongated Man
Okay. 100% not true. I must have made a statement (as has always been the case) reconfirming that, yes, it is still true that DC and Warner Bros has final say on our character selection, but in no way have they ever bared us from doing a character like Elongated Man!

In fact just the opposite; DC and Warner Bros. have been amazing partners, always helping us to push the limit on character selection like Lobo in JLU and Swamp Thing in DCUC!

Ralph is in no way off limits. In fact we have already done him several times. We even did an Elongated Man figure in JLU in an outfit he didn’t even wear on the show. That is how cool he is. There always seems to be one figure “we haven’t gotten to yet” that fans have thoughts was off limits or wasn’t going to happen. Be it Martian Manhunter, Flash 1 or now Elongated Man. The answer is always; just because your favorite figure is not out yet does not mean he or she won’t be in the line one day, keep your suggestions coming!

If any websites reported a quote from me stating the opposite, I did not give any sit down interviews at NYCC, so this “quote” may have been strung together from different things orally overheard in the booth to different people. No statement of this type was officially announced or provided by Mattel or given to any site as a quote or interview. It sounds like it is a misinterpretation of a few things overheard in passing and then attributed (falsely) to me as a direct quote.

Hope this clears this one up! Ralph is not banned in the least and we are really excited to get to him one day!
Personally, I know the person who quoted the Toy Guru on their site in regards to this matter, and the guy is very much on the level this was either an honest mistake or a quick placate attempt to fans by Mattel.

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