Sony Loses Merchandising Rights to Spider – Man

Sony suffered a $1.1 Billion loss this past year which has caused them to sell off some of their assets, one of them being the merchandise licensing rights to the upcoming Amazing Spider – Man movie.

Now please don’t get too excited – there isn’t any possibility that Sony will ever give up the actual movie rights to Spider – Man or let Marvel Studios buy it outright.

Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes article making this announcement:
You know things are bad when Spider-Man – who not so long ago made a literal deal with the Devil in his comic book adventures to restore his ailing Aunt May to health – heads out of the door. However, the ¥21.4 billion ($278 million) sale of of Spider-Man merchandising rights was a rare bright spot in Sony’s Q2, announced today (Wednesday). The outperformance of ‘The Smurfs’ was another bright spot, for Sony if not for civilisation as a whole.

Really this doesn’t effect the actaul film future of Spider – Man at all. The previous movies, including the terrible, all singing, all dancing, all I’m evil because I wear black third one, were very commercially successful.

The Amazing Spider – Man opens in theaters 07/03/12

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