New Trek Khan Bust And Mr. Spock Statue

Here’s a look at two upcoming Star Trek products to be released in 2012.

Mr. Spock, the science officer of the starship Enterprise, stands by his iconic Bridge Console in this new statue from Hollywood Collectibles. Featuring an authentic likeness of Leonard Nimoy in character as Spock and a highly detailed replica of his Bridge Console, this is a must have for any Star Trek fan! Sculpted in 1/6-scale, Spock stands 12″ tall and the overall height of the piece including console is 13″. This incredible piece of art is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand-painted to the finest detail. Look for this to hit comic and specialty shops by March 28, 2012 with SRP of $199.95.

Imported from the UK! Titan Merchandise proudly continues their limited edition, high-quality Star Trek Masterpiece Collection! This beautifully-sculpted 8″ maxi-bust of Khan Noonien Singh, the legendary warlord of 20th-century Earth who conquered a quarter of the planet and then exiled himself into space, perfectly recreates the genetically-engineered superman so memorably portrayed by legendary actor Ricardo Montalban. Every physical detail of the 20th-century’s infamous warlord has been recreated in this astonishingly detailed three-quarter length 8″ tall maxi-bust. Look for this to hit comic and specialty shops by May 30, 2012 with SRP of $79.99.


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