New Details About The Star Trek Sequel

It’s been confirmed that the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot will be shot in 3D and also being confirmed, composer Michael Giacchino is returning to the franchise to score the new film.

Nothing is known about the plot however it’s being speculated that the Klingons will be the main protagonists and actor Benico Del Toro is in talks to play the lead villain. My guess is that he’ll get it, production has been hounding him to do it for awhile now. Personally, and I’m sure a lot of fans would agree, Del Toro would make an excellent Khan Noonien Singh but Abrams already said we can rule out the Kirk‘s # 1 nemesis out for the foreseeable future. Check out this video of Abrams commenting on the possibility of casting Benicio Del Toro.

Star Trek II opens in theaters 05/17/13

Via Deadline and MTV News

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