Marvel Comics Gives Details About Avengers Vs. X – Men

The very informative live event for the upcoming Marvel Comics series Avengers Vs. X – Men took place earlier today. The 12 issue event launches in April of 2012 will be written by the Marvel’s “architects” Brian Bendis, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, and Jonathan Hickman. The bi-weekly series will be drawn by John Romita, Jr., Olivier Coipel, and Adam Kubert.

First to speak was writer Brian Michael Bendis. He talked about how the Avengers will come into play for the storyline. “We’ve got a very interesting arc for the Avengers. What’s been going on lately is that they’ve been tested…they’re wondering what it means to be an Avenger…when the world is throwing one terrible disaster at them after another…it takes a toll on a society and the Avengers are left to take the blame for it, as it were. They’re going to want answers from Captain America.” Bendis also went on tosay that Avengers characters like Wolverine and Storm who are normally X-Men will have a big part in the story.

Then writer Jason Aaron spoke about the X – Men’s part in the event “I think this is something the X-Men have been headed toward since before I got involved. There were millions of mutants and then one day that number dwindled down to a few hundred because of what Scarlet Witch did.” Aaron had explained that Hope Summers’ role as the “Mutant Messiah” is the thread he’s picked up on. “She is the mutant messiah. It’s not conjecture as far as Cyclops is concerned…coming out of ‘Schism,’ Cyclops is becoming harder edged. He had a philosophical split with the guy who was his top adviser for so long in Wolverine. “He’s on the outs with a lot of people who were his friends for years,” Aaron advised.

Editor – In – Chief Axel Alonso, who is excited to have Avengers Vs. X – Men as his big “event comic” at Marvel, said,”The seeds for this event were planted many, many years ago in ‘House of M’ on into ‘Messiah CompleX.'” He noted the ramifications of Hope Summer’s existence for the X -Men and presented to Bendis a way to make the Avenger part of the finale.

SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort said the event is structured like no other one that Marvel has done before. Adding that the 5 person team broke out the overall storyline over the course of multiple summits with Bendis and Aaron. He concluded the press conference by saying that not all Marvel Universe titles will be affected by the event. However, the storyline will crossover in most Avengers and X – Men books with an exception, “The one book that’s not going to be touched by this, and it’s a very deliberate choice on our part, is the new ‘Avengers Assembled’ title.” citing that the title is meant for fans of the Marvel Movie Universe and without tie – ins to the comic universe. “If you’re talking about ‘Uncanny X-Men’ or ‘Secret Avengers’ or ‘New Avengers’ or ‘Wolverine & The X-Men’…it’s going to be all ‘AvX’ all the time in the Avengers and X-Men books.”

You can check out the replay from the live press conference href=”″> here.

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