DC Universe Classics Reign Of Superman Action Figures Still A Possibility?

A few weeks ago it was reported/confirmed that the toy line based on the storyline following the Death Of Superman was cancelled by Mattel. However, the latest Diamond Comics Distribution catalog, Previews, has the Reign Of Superman action figures scheduled to be released in March.

In one of the best-selling comic books of all-time, The Death of Superman, Earth’s most powerful hero, Superman, dies in battle when fighting the rampaging creature Doomsday. In the wake of Superman’s death, four new heroes arise, each claiming the legacy of the Man of Steel. In honor of the 20th-anniversary of this storyline, Mattel releases five action figures based on the best-selling comic books. Collectors can choose from Superboy, Steel (with hammer), the Eradicator (with Kryptonian goggles), the Cyborg Superman, and Doomsday. Blister card packaging.

I hope this is case as a lot of fans out there missed a chance at some of these figures when they were previously released as both DC Super Heroes and DC Universe Classics items.

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