New Image: DC All – Stars Action Figures Wave # 2

CBR posted this awesome image of DC All – Stars wave # 2 which includes:

Superman (New 52)
Flash (New 52)
Red Robin (DC Universe)
Supergirl (DC Universe)

Mattel’s DC All – Stars action figures are the retail follow up to their DC Universe Classics line which will end at retail with wave # 20 to be released in January. However, the DCUC line will live on in Club Infinite Earths a subscription based offering through That first wave includes Atrocitus, Legion of Super-Heroes Starman, Golden Age Flash, Poison Ivy and Metron with his Mobius Chair.

DC All Stars wave # 1 which includes:

Superboy Prime
Batman Beyond
Flashpoint Plastic Man

will be released in May 2012, there is no release date for wave # 2 yet.

What do you think of DC All – Stars wave # 2? Let me know in the comments section below.

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