Longtime Fan Starts Campaign To Bring Back Justice League Animated Series


Recently, Cartoon Network announced a block of animated shows made up of a mixture of reruns and never before seen footage related to DC Comics characters called DC Nation starting in January 2012.  This news gave John C., a longtime fan of The DC Comics Animated Universe created by Bruce Timm, the calling to spearhead a campaign to get both Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Animated Series to return with at least feast new episodes.

“Fans cherished both of these series and,  for me, DC Comics animated series have gone downhill (with the exception of Young Justice) since Timm stopped producing new episodes.”, said John C.  ”My dream is to have at least a few thousand fans get behind this campaign and contact Cartoon Network and Bruce Timm to take notice and get some new episodes produced.”

Impossible you say? “Bruce Timm  is more focused on producing new animated features for DC/Warner Entertainment.” Coincidentally, the next feature Justice League: Doom reunites most of the voice talent from the JLU series even though the style will be aesthetically different. Still, something there says Timm may be open to the idea of bringing back at least one of his classic shows.

And if a Facebook campaign can get Betty White to host Saturday Night Live, then why can’t it get 2 cartoon shows back on the air? If anything maybe even in the form of webisodes or a special straight to DVD 1/2 seasons.

So fans, can’t enough of the “Timm – verse”? Want to tell Mark Hamill he needs to put his semi – retirement plans for The Joker on hold? Is listening to Kevin Conroy’s raspy Batman voice like having your ears tickled by the sweet sounds of Xanadu? Then go to DC Nation Bring Back The JLU and like the page in order to give a fellow fan a chance to achieve his goal. If the voice is loud enough, then there’s hope.

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