What’s The Advanced Word On The Avengers Movie?

According to a report from AICN, their sources say that The Avengers is a good movie but not “cinematic” enough in scope.

Word ’round the campfire is Marvel considers The Avengers to be their best outing yet. I’ve talked to some cynics in the group who weren’t sure it was going to come together and they’re all doing their mea culpas now. They say it has the heart, the action, the humor and the suspense a movie like The Avengers should have. The only criticisms I’ve heard is that Whedon’s eye isn’t as cinematic as it should be, but that the rest of the movie is so good that you accept it.

When I asked “Does it look like TV?” The source’s response was in the affirmative. But he/she/it has always been honest with me and said that even though it looks like TV you don’t mind it because the rest of the movie is so good.

The “Does it look like TV?” concern stems from Joss Whedon being a former TV director who has made the leap to films and the footage shown in the Super Bowl trailer certainly points to the contrary about it not being as “cinematic as it should be”, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The Avengers opens in theaters 05/04/12

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