First look At Earth II Flash

Newsarama interviewed Earth 2 series writer, James Robinson who gave us this image of Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth 2 by artist, Nicola Scott.

■This is a complete reboot of the Earth-2 concept
■The story opens five years into the introduction of the characters
■Look for Alan Scott and Al Pratt to appear as key characters in the story.
■The first issue also includes Helena Wayne as Robin, and Karen Starr as Supergirl, before they somehow end up on the main DCU Earth as Huntress and Power Girl (as seen in the current Huntress mini-series and May’s World’s Finest).
■The differences between the main DCU Earth and Earth 2 are not traceable to one easy explanation (such as, “they lost the war”).
■Fans of Wally West and Donna Troy should not expect to see them on Earth 2, because Robinson said he doesn’t know what the plans are for those characters.

Earth 2 hits the stands in May.

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