First Look At The New 52 Alan Scott – Green Lantern Of Earth II

CBR spoke with Earth 2 series writer James Robinson about reconstructing the Justice Society of America in the DCnU and nabbed this exclusive image Ivan Reis’ cover for Earth 2 # 3 featuring Alan Scott looking rather like (in my opinion) The Kingdom Come version of the character. Here’s some highlights:

What about long-time DC readers who like the Earth-Two concept? Has the storytelling and continuity of the past fifty years been erased?

Quite honestly, this is a return to the old pre-“Crisis” Earth-Two. This is what we had for decades before “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Since then, there has been this generational thing with an old Jay Garrick, an old Alan Scott and various other characters living in the same world as the main heroes. We’re going back to the roots of what it used to be. These heroes are not old anymore. They are all in their twenties, anywhere between 21 and 28. But at the same time, I have made it very clear that there are differences to their powers and how they have their powers and why they have their powers. There is something that makes them unique to themselves and I think that’s what made the original Earth-Two fun. We’re bringing that concept back so I think readers of the old DC continuity, if they have an open mind and aren’t too closed off to trying new things, will ultimately enjoy and get a lot out of it.

Is this series set solely on Earth-Two or will we see Earth-One, as well?

I don’t want to say too much but obviously if this book is part of the big DC world, things like that are talked about. And there may or may not have been some discussions about those kind of things with other writers. [Laughs] But for now, the book is in its own world and getting that world set up is the main priority. Remember, I am building a world a here. I am not just building a team. I don’t want to just cram them all together. It’s not going to be the first issue where they all meet and say, “Hey, we’re building a team. Let’s go fight Brainwave. Or the Sportsmaster,” and they are off to the races. It is a little bit more involved than that. We explore how the team evolves, how the characters meet whilst there are ongoing threats, some of which are new exciting additions. Others are things that you might expect the Justice Society to meet and face and eventually attack. And again, other things are completely new and unique to Earth-Two and the differences that exist on this world.

Is Huntress still Bruce Wayne’s daughter?

That’s something you have to ask Paul Levitz. Remember, it’s his character. I would be disrespectful to say too much about Huntress.

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