The Superman Returns Sequel That Might Have Been

I’ll admit it, I like 98% of Superman Returns – I could have done without Superbaby – killer. Still it was a valiant effort to further the saga started by the 1978 movie franchise. Even though the film was met with mixed reaction from critics and fans alike and mediocre box office returns, a sequel/next chapter was on the horizon for short time. So what kind of story could have expected? has the answer in an article written by Jeffrey Taylor from The Superman Homepage . Here’s a highlight:

According to rumors, the sequel would have centered around Brainiac using a version similar to Superman: The Animated Series from 1996 where he was originally from Krypton. He would have followed Superman back to Earth from the remnants of Krypton during his five year trip. There were further rumors that the bank robber who shot Superman in the eye around the middle of the film would turn out to be John Corben, a.k.a. Metallo for the sequel. There was another rumored mandate from Warner Brothers to make the film darker than previous incarnations. That thought worried many fans who understood that Superman needs to be a symbol for hope. With that in mind, our expectation was that the world he inhabited could be darker, but that he would be the beacon of light in the middle of it.

A “darker” Superman? Sounds a lot like what Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan may be bringing to the table with their film, Man Of Steel.

Would you liked to have seen another chapter in the Superman Returns franchise? Let me know in the comments section below.

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