DC Comics To Launch A New He – Man And The Masters Series

MTV Geek got the scoop on a brand new He-Man And The Masters of The Universe comic from writer James Robinson.

The premise focuses on the skull faced arch-enemy of He-Man [Skeletor] has figured out a way to rewrite the reality of Eternia, casting himself as the ruler of Castle Grayskull, and our heroes – including He-Man – as regular peasants with no memory of their previous life. And while simple woodsman Adam may dream of wielding a massive sword, and fighting in battles, he thinks they’re just dreams. That is, until a mysterious sorceress approaches him, and sends him on an epic journey to save all of Eternia.
Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

MTV GEEK: Why Masters of The Universe? I think most people nowadays know it from a somewhat cheesy cartoon, and a somewhat cheesier movie – what draws you to the property? Is it a chance to really go back and reinvent from an almost blank slate, in a way?

James Robinson: I agree to some people Masters of the Universe is considered a cheesy cartoon. However, I know for a fact that a certain generation of people, who grew up at the right time, hold genuine affection for Masters of the Universe. The challenge is to write something that raises the standard for the series, with a cool, modern story that nevertheless honors the fans of the animated series and toy line.

MTV GEEK: How much reinvention versus continuation are we going to see in the book? It seems, like a lot of these ’80s properties, your approach is a way of honoring the old fans, while allowing an easy access point for new ones.

James Robinson: As I say, that’s the challenge. Let’s just say I’ve come up with a series concept that introduces the line of characters to new readers in what I hope is a fresh, dynamic and compelling way while honoring what the series has been prior.

Look for He – Man And The Masters Of The Universe to hit the stands this July/

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