It’s Official: Ryan Reynolds Is The New Highlander

In continuing its mission to viciously sodomize every movie from my childhood and teenage years that I hold dear (Editor’s note: Please don’t touch The Goonies, PLEASE DON’T TOUCH THE GOONIES), Hollywood is not only remaking the classic scifi movie, Highlander, but the studio responsible for the soon to be in the $5.00 bin at my local Wal – Mart movie has cast Ryan Reynolds in the lead role.

After roughly a month of negotiations, Ryan Reynolds has officially been cast in the lead role for HIGHLANDER. Reynolds will play Conner MacLeod, a Highlander who discovers he is one of a dwindling group of immortals who wander the earth and kill each other in combat for the final “Prize” – immortality. Wait a minute isn’t the prize for the immortals is to live a regular lifespan?

I know that I came off a little harsh in the introduction to this post and don’t get me wrong, I like Ryan Reynolds – just not as Highlander or Green Lantern for that matter.

On a similar note we all know that Robocop is also being remade for all of you kids today.

Here’s what Peter Weller, the star of the original movie had to say about the classic and remake. Check out the LA Times Hero Complex video below and if you don’t want to hear Weller talking about his immeasurable contribution to the original Robocop, jump to the 8:19 mark for what he had to say about remake.

Highlander announcement via The Tracking Board

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