Jean Grey Returning To The Marvel Universe

Entertainment Weekly posted this image as a teaser and confirmed by Joe Quesada to be definitley Jean Grey.

Yes, this is Jean Grey — as in, the Jean Grey who’s been absent from Marvel comics ever since dying for a second time back in the mid-00s. And yes, she is modeling her vintage blue-and-yellow X-Men outfit from her Marvel Girl days. Does this mean that the fan-favorite character is finally returning? We can only confirm that her presence in the Marvel universe will not be imaginary. This will not be part of the Ultimate line-up. She will not be a zombie hologram, like Shard on X-Factor. What could this all mean? Check back tomorrow, when all the secrets will be revealed. (Or some of them, anyhow.)

Also being teased in EW’s article is that Marvel relaunch we’ve been hearing about lately. An exclusive first look at an upcoming initiative by Marvel Comics that will build off the current Avengers vs. X-Men crossover and radically alter the Marvel universe as you know it.

More information to come during SDCC ’12, I’m sure.

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