Marvel NOW: Nine Titles Cancelled

Marvel is ready to relaunch as Marvel NOW with the release of Uncanny Avengers # 1 in October. However, more changes are on the horizon as these titles will come to an end that very same month:
-Captain America #19
-Fantastic Four #611
-FF #23
-Incredible Hulk #15
-Invincible Iron Man #527
-New Mutants #50
-The Mighty Thor #22
-Uncanny X-Men #20
-X-Men Legacy #275

Avengers #31 and #32 are solicited as the beginning of Brian Michael Bendis’ “final explosive arc” on the series. The same is said for both New Avengers #31 and #32. Also, Avengers Assemble #8 is the last for Bendis and artist Mark Bagley and Journey Into Mystery #645 is sadly Kieron Gillen’s last issue as he “bids farewell” to the book.

More than likely, the above titles will be relaunched at # 1 between November and February, but money minded comic fans may want to take heed as the cancelled nine titles are double shipping in October.

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