Avengers Movie Chitauri Cosmic Chariot Invasion Figure

Hasbro Toy Shop posted a listing for a new Avengers movie item the Chitauri Cosmic Chariot Invasion action figure!

Trapped for eons in the dead space between dimensions, the CHITAURI have waited, planning and building for the day their ruler would lead them back into the world of light and life. Their weapons are powerful, and their numbers overwhelming. Whatever world comes within their grasp is sure to fall to their might. Your MARVEL THE AVENGERS adventures are about to get more “galactic!” This incredible CHITAURI figure and his chariot are ready to invade and only THE AVENGERS (other figures sold separately) will stand in his way. Will they be able to handle his lighting-fast maneuvers and the missile that launches from the front of his vehicle? It’s all up to you! CHITAURI figure rides on his chariot! Launching missile! Includes figure, vehicle and missile. Ages 4 and up.

The item is currently out of stock but I shared this for viewing.

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