The Dark Knight Resuscitated And A Justice League Movie

The Hollywood Reporter posted this blurb on their website which points to Warner Brothers planning a total reboot of the Batman franchise. The rumor going around is that it would feature Batman during his sophomore year as a crime fighter and that he’ll definitely be part of a shared cinematic DC Universe. Also, take note of the last line that next summer’s Superman film, Man Of Steel, could spearhead it all. Supposedly the film may contain some “easter eggs” hinting that the big red “S” isn’t the only hero around.

The studio has closed one franchise with the July 20 bow of The Dark Knight Rises, which has grossed a strong $543.5 million worldwide to date despite the Colorado shooting tragedy (though it trails The Dark Knight by about $25 million at the same point). Warners will try to resuscitate Batman as a stand-alone franchise and/or as part of a planned Justice League ensemble that could connect to next summer’s Man of Steel.

Another rumor is that a Justice League movie COULD surface 2016 with the first installment of the new Batman franchise following shortly thereafter.

Take it all in with a grain of salt for the moment, despite the source. It’s the plan but it’s a development plan.

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