First Look At Marvel NOW’s FF And Fantastic Four!

USA Today posted this first look at both FF and Fantastic Four when the titles relaunch this November as part Marvel Now! Check them out.

Matt Fraction will be taking over the titles will be joined by artists Mark Bagley (Fantastic Four) and Mike Allred (FF).

In Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, The Thing along with Franklin and Valeria Richards embark on an epic journey through space. Apparently Reed crafts a spaceship that allows the team to take a year long trip throughout the universe which only takes four minutes in earth time. So what happens if one of them doesn’t return? Each member picks their replacement and those members are ….
Ant-Man (Scott Lang), She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Medusa and new character Miss Thing (wearing a suit of armour and described by Fraction as a, “Lohan-esque celebutante blonde”) form FF! While the team is protecting the earth, a crazed, bearded, one – eyed Johnny Storm emerges from a portal then immediately closes it behind him saying, “We can never open this door again.” It looks as if Ant-Man will be utilizing the team to bring vengeance upon Dr. Doom, the man who murdered his daughter. “It’s a dark twist on what the Fantastic Four is about — it’s the other side of the coin,” Fraction says. “We have this Fantastic Four with a specific mission in FF and how can he direct and bring these people along with him?” Feel free to click on the link above for more details.

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