An Update On Bill And Ted’s Third Excellent Adventure

This project has been LOOOOONG in development, however it looks like it may finally be a reality. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are both on board with Dean Parisot as director. The film will be a catch up on where Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq are at in their lives as will be a satire the status of the music industry today and supposedly (according to Winter), the whole “Wyld Stallyns saving the universe thing” didn’t quite work the way they expected.

The film rights are owned by MGM with creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson who are currently shopping the project to other studios for co-financing with production to be made on a modest budget, like Hot Tub Time Machine. The biggest obsctacle is that Parisot has to fulfill his obligation in directing the sequel to Bruce Willis’ Red.

Kudos to everyone involved for not taking the reboot route, but could this movie be filed in the sequels 20 years too late file – Wall Street 2, Basic Instinct 2 – for anyone to care or will it be excellent? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via Vulture

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