The Flash Creative Team Reveals The Identity Of Daniel West

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato recently spoke to Newsarama and the one of the topics of discussion was the appearance of Daniel West in The Flash # 0 . Many fans are taking the presence of the West family as a hint towards The New 52 appearance of the sorely missed Wally West. However, the team warns everyone to not hold their breathe. Here’s an excerpt:

Francis and Brian, DC called out the fact that Daniel West appeared in The Flash #0. Why was his appearance significant, and why was he specifically called a member of the “West family?”

Francis Manapul: Well, you only need two people to make a family. He’s Iris’ brother. I think we’ll stop at that.

Brian Buccellato: Obviously, we get asked questions about the West family from time to time, and unfortunately, we always have the same answer. Daniel West and Iris are siblings. And that’s the West family that’s in the New 52 currently.

Currently. But it seems to open the door for more West family members, doesn’t it?

Manapul: I guess that’s open to interpretation.

OK, we’ll leave it at that. But I know you guys are all about themes. How does Daniel West play into the themes of the story?

Manapul: With Daniel West, as you see in issue #0, he was arrested all those years ago, and now we’ve seen him resurface in Central City after he’s finishing up his sentence. And he’s trying to create a home for himself and trying to go back to his own life. And that’s part of the running theme in the story. Coming home.

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