Rumor: Which Comic Story Arc Will The Justice League Movie Be Based On?


According to the sometimes reliable Latino Review, Justice League Of America issues # 183 – # 185 will serve as the basis for the upcoming live action movie. The issues published back in 1980 found the JLA and the JSA teaming to fight Darkseid (film’s rumored villain) who’s “planning the destruction of Earth by blasting it with a ray that’ll move Apokolips into the Earth’s place.”

How much of that storyline will be incorporated into the script is anyone’s guess. However, I do caution that any news about the Justice League movie be taken with a grain of salt unless officially announced by Warner Brothers . This includes that another story going around about Christopher Nolan saying, “You know I can’t talk about.” when asked if Joseph Gordon – Levitt will be suiting up as Batman for a cameo in Man Of Steel. Just a pleasant reminder, Nolan already had said during production that the Man Of Steel version of Superman does not coexist in the same universe as his Dark Knight movies. But then he also said no Robin and look what happened.

Justice League is scheduled to open in theaters 2015.

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