Cosplay Video Clip: Des Taylor’s Muse, Emmy Clapp As Catwoman



Artist Des Taylor, known for his awesome retro style, has released this video. It features Taylor’s muse Emmy Clapp doing cosplay as that Princess Of PlunderCatwoman.


A CHAT WITH EMMY CLAPP- Video chopped shot and scored by Des Taylor during the ART OF DES TAYLOR EXHIBITION @ Orbital Comics. Number one in a series of muse inspired art videos from DESPOP
Beats by Leo Morestyles — with Emmy Clapp andAnna Psylocke Sheldrick.

Feel free to check out more of Emmy Clapp’s cosplay work by clicking here.

Go to Despop to check work of Des’ work. I’ll leave you with a few examples




Terrific in my opinion and I’m sure you would agree

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