UPC # ‘s For Star Wars Black Series Action Figures

APphoto_Hasbro Toy Fair Day 4

My pals over at Toyark rounded up the UPC # listings for Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series action figures found on Wal – Mart’s computer. Check it out.

Star Wars Black Series 3.75″ New Listings

• Star Wars Episode VI Luke Skywalker Action Figure UPC:653569896494*
• Star Wars Episode VI Vizam Action Figure UPC:653569886402
• Star Wars Episode VI A Wing Pilot UPC:653569797203
• Star Wars Episode VI Biker Scout Action Figure UPC:653569799160
• Star Wars Episode V Wedge Snowspeeder Outfit Action Figure UPC:653569896951
• Star Wars Episode V Snowtrooper Commander Action Figure UPC:653569896968
• Star Wars Episode V Toryn Farr Action Figure UPC:653569896975
• Star Wars Episode V Luke Jedi Training Action Figure UPC:653569896937
• Star Wars Episode V Yoda Jedi Training Action Figure UPC:653569896944
• Star Wars EU Mara Jade UPC:653569797166
• Star Wars Eu Darth Plagueis UPC:653569848479
• Star Wars Episode III Commander Neyo UPC:653569831525
• Star Wars The Black Series Pablo-Jill Figure UPC:653569884095
• Star Wars Episode III Merumeru UPC:653569831501

Star Wars Black Series 6″ New Listings

• Star Wars Episode III Anakin Skywalker 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569897828
• Star Wars Episode III Obi Wan Kenobi 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569898245
• Star Wars Episode IV Greedo 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569898269
• Star Wars Episode V Luke Bespin 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569898252
• Star Wars Boba Fett 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569897811
• Star Wars Slave Leia 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569897804
• Star Wars Episode IV Han Solo 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569897835
• Star Wars Episode IV Stormtrooper 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569898238

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