Beware The Batman Pulled From Cartoon Network’s Schedule


According to the tweets below.

What Nick And More is referring to in their first tweet is last year when both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series were inexplicably pulled from rotation on the Cartoon Network only to reappear months later to burn off their final episodes.

The second tweet seems to refer to the “anger” from older fans upset over Young Justice’s cancellation and who have avoided both Beware The Batman and Teen Titans GO! (though that show is still on the schedule).

Beware The Batman episodes showcased a DC character, Katana, and it is believed/speculated that her appearances on the cartoon would have helped keep her struggling comic book series afloat. However, DC Comics has given that book the axe.

On a brighter note, I have been hearing rumblings of a new Justice League animated series with a roster of lesser known DC characters to be produced by Bruce Timm but geared more towards a younger audience.

No official statement from Cartoon Network whether or not Beware The Batman is cancelled (I don’t believe that it is). I was actually warming up to this show so personally I’m hoping this hiatus is a result of creators needing more time to produce new episodes.

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