Adam West Shares His Thoughts On Affleck And The Possibility Of Batman ’66 On Blu -Ray

at Adam West's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, Hollywood, CA 04-05-12

Dan Greenfield at 13th Dimension got a chance to speak with Adam West about, naturally, all things Batman.
In these excerpts, TV’s Caped Crusader muses over the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in Man Of Steel 2, his own chances of appearing in any future live action Batman films (cameo), and the possibility of the classic TV series finally arriving on DVD/Blu – ray.

Now what do you make of Ben Affleck?

Well, lemme tell ya. I feel that if he shaves his beard, it might work. Or he can use it in a couple of scenes if he’s down and out, and a ne’er-do-well, whatever’s happened to him. But, you know, for 20-mill, he can shave his beard.

Now are you interested in being in the next movie or have you talked to anyone about that or is it not something you’re considering?

Can I tell you something? I keep hearing that I’m going to be (but) nobody’s contacted me.
They don’t understand that if I play Batman’s father, and one terrible evening, when Batman, Bruce Wayne himself — the young one — is desperate, and the thunder’s crashing, the lightning, I come in through the library window, which kind of springs open in the storm and I say, “Bruce, I’m your father. And at one time I was Batman. I want you to look in that volume over there.” You know what I’m saying?

That’s a wonderful idea. Now, has there been any movement on getting the show released on video?

Yes, and I understand that they have been talking about it for about 55 years, and I don’t know, maybe it’s just a matter of legality, you know to clear, writers, musicians, actors and so on, and how do we slice up the pie?

Anything imminent or is it still far, far away?

No, I think it’s relatively imminent. Yeah, I think it’s going to come soon. And I have been asked about this by the fans for years.

Have you recorded an audio track?

I have recorded something that could be used and also I think if they don’t get busy with this, then (there will continue to be knock – offs).  I get letters from fans who have bought the entire video series.


Hmmmm, that last bit of information from Mr. West does bring a ray of hope for an official Batman TV series DVD/Blu -ray box set. Personally, I have heard rumblings that something was being worked out between Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox, however current status of that is unknown. I’ll keep you posted same Bat – Time, Same Bat – Channel.

A huge thank you to Dan Greenfield for allowing me to share his interview with Adam West. Feel free to check out his entire interview here.

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